ZunZún is a Cuban word for a local hummingbird. The smallest bird on the planet, actually. No other bird can say that. You got ostriches out there looking like velociraptors. Looking like they could kill you. And you have crows, which are really cool too, you gotta admit. Like they definitely have tattoos and they for sure only like any band’s early work. Then there’s hawks which appear very intimidating but also hot, like they fuck real rough. But are they the smallest? No bitch, they are not. And there’s a pride in the distinction of being the most of anything, even the smallest. So a ZunZún is a proud little bird. They’re an uppity barista. They’re a cashier who gives you lip. They’re a flippant garbage collector who won’t take your trash if it’s not in the bin. They are small, but they are fierce. (Drag queen fierce.) Zoom out and they’re a chorus. They’re an army. They’re a swarm. And I am one of them, a glittery spec in a swarm. So read my lisp: the end will be giants crashing to the ground, swatting swarms of tiny, sparkly hummingbirds.